Sunday, August 2, 2009


I Just Solved the Life Expectancy Problem

Oh my gosh, I made the mistake of actually reading the first 1/3 of the comments on this Bill O'Reilly Media Matters brouhaha. I don't want to encourage you folks to read it too, but it's kind of like when you smell something really awful and want to share it with others.

In any event, the title of this blog post alludes to the fact that I lost 5 years of my life expectancy reading the arguments about bike helmets and, "You sir, have committed a logical fallacy. Touche!"

Economic logic alone tells us that government intervention is no good. So, if one uses an argument from statistics claiming that government intervention is socially beneficial, its the argument from statistics that must be challenged, not the economic logic.

I think no other form of government intervention has been hawked as successfully as government-run healthcare. That's why I appreciate arguments from economic calculation such as the one used recently by Gabriel E. Vidal on against government-run healthcare. Jesus Huerta de Soto does the same by applying the economic calculation argument against central banking.*

*If Bob plans on writing more study guides, de Soto's "Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles" gets my vote for the next book.
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