Monday, August 31, 2009


The Downside of Talk Radio

In a previous post, I praised Glenn Beck for getting the word out about what's going on regarding the open praise for communism by members of the federal government. On the other hand, let me relate a particularly ridiculous statement by Mark Davis--today's guest-host for Rush Limbaugh--that shows talk radio is only afraid of Democratic Big Brother.

Davis was talking about the recent allegations of interrogator abuse of detainees and said something like, "Give me a break, are these people serious? Now it's torture just to use the sound of a drill? V-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v, did I just torture the audience?"

Something I've never heard when Limbaugh et al. defend torture--or should I say "enhanced interrogation techniques"--is that the government concedes that some people died during this hardball treatment. Such an admission wouldn't really play in with their "these ACLU types are a bunch of sissies" refrain.

As a former Dallasian, I used to listen to Mark Davis. Other than having Ron Paul and Tom Woods on from time to time he isn't very useful.
Nor do they mention the military holding a child for years after torturing a confession out of him and paying other villagers $400 and shoes to corroborate... No, you'd have to be Scott Horton to discuss such silliness.

Oh, but the sanctity of [american] LIFE, Bob! That's what conservatives are about.

You and I both know, if they wanted rights they would have arranged to be born (or conceived) American.

Having left this pack a few years ago due to the hard work of Mises Institute and LRC (a reluctant supporter of the Iraq War, "What do you do when they fly planes into your buildings???"), your pointed jab is deflected by compartmentalization, and a very odd faith that donning a US military or intelligence uniform removes the temptations which affect normal mortals.

Sad but true.
and a very odd faith that donning a US military or intelligence uniform removes the temptations which affect normal mortals.

Spot on, Jim. My observation of conservatives/Republicans is that they are inherently authoritarian due to their adherence to the romantic fiction of the "noble soldier". Listening to the commentators on the radio demonstrates this, as they are quick to question social policies, but never for military policies. To their ideology, the military branches are immune from government ineptitude and moral corruption.

This fiction also bleeds over to the policeman as well.
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