Friday, July 3, 2009


Tom Woods Dismantles Wonkette

For the full effect, first skim this Wonkette hit job on Michelle Bachmann (and Ron Paul and Tom Woods and all my friends) and make sure to skim the comments too. Get a feel for the tone and the intelligence behind the production. Now, can you imagine writing a response that is both enlightening, hard-hitting, and yet civil?

Tom Woods did. (HT2EPJ)

That was really nicely done.

But am I the only one tired of this whole left/right business?
Woods' piece is downright brilliant.Although I highly doubt it will actually be read by the Wonkette crowd...
Wankette's dont read, they skim and try to be funny while collectively sucking Obama's Nanny state sock.

It's pretty sad when you have to make fun of Patriots just to get a few extra clicks, Gawker dropped them last year, now its just talentless failures who make d*ck jokes with 2 ads.

There's a funny youtube making fun of them, I cant remember the name of it, but it made me laugh, pretty offensive, but then again, so are they. just search wonkette sucks you'll find it.
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