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Looking for Silly Celebrity Quotes

I am working on a project where I need to collect a bunch of economically ignorant quotes from famous people. So for example, I know Bono has pontificated about Third World debt, Leonardo DeCaprio has jumped on the global warming bandwagon, etc. In the comments I'd like any links you could provide to examples.

his book has a bunch -
I know Humberto Fontova has taken aim at celebrities who laud Che Guevara. I'm positive he has a fleet of satisfactory quotes within his works.
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Here's an amazon link:
One of the most ignorant that comes to mind is Whoopi Goldberg discussing communism with the panel on Politically Incorrect about 10 years ago.

"Communism is only people working together."

She was, of course, blissfully ignorant of the 200 million or so that communism has killed off in the last century.
Martin Sheen and minimum wage:

Alec Baldwin's hypocrisy regarding taxation:

Tom Morello, Harvard graduate, guitarist of the openly Marxist band Rage Against the Machine, on "wage slavery" and protesting for low wage hotel workers:
Wow, thanks everyone! This is much more than I was hoping for.

(And btw if anyone reading has other suggestions, please say them. I need a ton of these.)

Also, S Andrews, I will definitely consider revamping this blog entirely in the near future. Right now I am too busy with "real work" but I will take your suggestions and put them on my calendar (to consider in a month or so).
here's a better link to Fontova's book:
Google this:

"chevy chase socialism works"
i suggest you follow joe biden around for 24 hours.
there's some gold here too:
Texas "country" singer/songwriter hipster Steve Earle: "I believe everything Karl Marx said about economics."

However, he seems to completely understand the evils of the drug war and empire.
I would suggest looking for transcripts of Bill Maher's HBO show, there is usually a wealth of incredibly stupid things the guest celebrity panelists say regularly on that show. Although the show's focus is political issues, sometimes they will speak about their dislike of capitalism.
I would certainly second the last recommendation. Almost any transcript of Bill Maher's show will be a gold mine. It is, unintentionally, one do the funniest shows ever made.
Jackie Chan
"I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not"

Henry Rollins (author, actor, former vocalist for punk band Black Flag)
". . .you are seeing what happens when you get deregulation"
"Too bad that we don’t value the working person in America."

Edwin Valero, top ranked lightweight boxer displays his love for Hugo Chavez's socialist vision of Venezuela via the ugliest tattoo in boxing history

Tim Robbins, while speaking about the media, segues into healthcare and unintentionally argues against himself by making a Schumpeterian point about markets

Michael Moore's new movie Capitalism: A Love Story
"It will be the perfect date movie. It's got it all - lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day."

Barbara Streisand supports Obama and is against McCain because McCain is a deregulator and Bush is bailing out companies.

Bill Maher on profit
The Bill Maher article is PAINFUL.
Would love to see a collection of these when you're done compiling them

Here's a good one with Prince Charles:
I'm sure politicians are generous mines of quote nuggets, but this subtle quote from Hoover should be particularly funny to economists. While speaking of the state of the nation, he seems to fail to make a connection between unemployment and wages: "They are now the highest real wages in the world.", he said.

That and many others from Bryan Caplan:
It seems like he got them from Murray Rothbard.
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