Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Politics as Pro Wrestling

Have you heard of the antics in the New York State Senate? It is hilarious. Someone (I think the governor?) called the hijinks and the goings-on a "circus," but I think pro wrestling is a better analogy.

And you know who the most ridiculous people in pro wrestling are? It's not the wrestlers, who after all are pretty above average in many respects and are very entertaining. No, the most ridiculous people are the announcers. So to continue the analogy...

It's hilarious to you maybe... I'm a NYS resident. These people aren't worth the paper their paychecks are printed on.
I think I heard that in the middle of the huge fight and the inability to agree on anyhting, they stopped, and all unanimously voted to keep paying themselves.

I am serious.
Nice analog. The announcer does take the cake here..
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