Friday, June 5, 2009


My Policy on "Censorship"

OK kids, I think I've deleted a grand total of about 6 comments since this blog started last August, and 3 of them were within the last week. I am George Bush when it comes to these things--meaning I am both the decider and I don't owe you a formal list of criteria beforehand to know if you will incur my swift sword of judgment--but here are some tips:

(1) If you use the n-word (even if you then go on to make a substantive point),

(2) If you call Bernanke a Jew (and that's your point),

(3) If you call another commenter a naughty word (and that's your point),

then I will almost certainly delete the comment when I see it.

To clarify the difference between (1) and (2), you wouldn't get deleted if you said, "You know, a lot of people are suspicious of what they call 'Jewish bankers,' but Bernanke is a Jew and a banker and I think he's doing a great job in providing necessary liquidity during the credit crunch."

But if you said, "You know, a lot of people call African Americans..."

Actually never mind, I'm not even going to finish the train of thought. No upside, as they say.

how much are they paying you?
FF to 2030:

"Oh my. The Bob Murphy Newsletter Scandal continues.

Only days after veteran investigative journalist James Kirchick revealed that Murphy once called for 85% of Japanese Americans to be interned, there are now disturbing stories about him referring derisively to a former Fed Chairman as a 'Jew and a banker'."
I could have such fun with a tongue-in-cheek comment to this post, but I'll hold back.

I wouldn't want the ***s and the ******s to get all upset. Before you know it, that ******* Murphy will delete my comment.

My bad. I guess that I couldn't hold back.
What scares me most about these blog trolls that show up just to throw off some racial slur or general profanities isn't what they write - it is the rare chance that their stupidity is overwhelming enough to be contageous even through a computer screen.

I try to think of advanced mathematical formulas with one half of my brain, while deleting the comments with the other. If it's been an especially bad one, I sleep with a book on calculus under my pillow afterwards.
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