Saturday, June 27, 2009


IER Calls for End to All Energy Subsidies

The Washington Post recently sounded very free market in its objections to subsidies for "clean coal." An IER commentary says:
When coal is concerned, the Post recognizes how the incentives Members of Congress face lead to troubling results. The Post’s editors should remove their blinders to examine how their concerns about coal subsidies apply equally to the renewable subsidies the Post supports.

The Post should join the Institute for Energy Research and call for an end to all energy subsidies. That would at least make them intellectually consistent.

I know there are numerous other sins of which IER has been accused, but I hope "you should officially call for an end to all subsidies" now comes off the list.

Bob, I`m sorry, but where does IER (or MasterResource) actually CALL "for an end to all energy subsidies"? They certainly don`t do so expressly in this op-ed. I`d be thrilled if you could point the way to other places where Bradley`s various enterprises specifically call for an end to subsidies and other regulatory favors for coal.

By bashing WaPo`s inconsistent concerns about "clean coal" subsidies - and bashing clean energy interests while refusing to criticize rent-seeking by coal - it seems fairly apparent that IER remains a friend of big coal, and of the big thumb that government has long placed on the scales in its favor.

"That would at least make them intellectually consistent. But it appears there is no room for logic and consistency when you have an agenda to advance."

Such apt words!
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