Friday, May 29, 2009


Schadenfreude in Advertising

On the way from the Dallas-Forth Worth airport to the hotel, I saw a billboard saying:

We didn't.

I couldn't make out the full name of the bank, because some trees blocked the bottom of the billboard. But I think it started with "Washington." I was tempted to do a search for "washington bank bailout" but realized that would probably fry Google's mainframes.

So, with these ads becoming popular (I've heard radio ads tout similar things), and with the "hah! We can retroactively change the rules" snags like with the AIG bonuses...

Do you think big businesses will *finally* realize that taking government handouts isn't such a great idea?
They'll realize it for a while and then forget, is my prediction.

Yeah, and their tape drives will probably start streaming tape all over the computer room floor as well. :)

Read on....
Yeah English Bob Google wants you to think it has a distributed network of dinky computers. Nope, it's all in one dude's basement in California.
And their other big secret is that, rather than hiring the brightest graduates from Stanford, they actually hire directly from the Tennessee Valley Authority. The "Googleplex" is overrun with absent-minded ladies of a certain age, constantly reminding themselves of the difference between PIC XX and PIC 99.
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