Saturday, May 23, 2009


Rachel Maddow Actually Gets It Right On Obama's Newly Claimed Powers

This is indeed spooky, and Maddow nails it. (HT2 Chris Brunner.) President Obama wants to lock people up indefinitely against whom we do not have enough evidence to prosecute, but whom we believe pose a threat to society. He doesn't give too many details, but it sounds like he's saying such people could be held for ten years. Spooooo-ky.


It's not indefinitely...this is not constitutional law but the Law of War. Check it out...the Geneva Conventions provide for this exact type of detention. Belligerents can be held until the cessation of hostilities. Usually, it's as a Prisoner of War. You fight for your country, you wear a uniform, etc., you will be kept, if captured, until your country signs an accord with your captor.

The Geneva Conventions specifically made it harder on non-state actors like Islamic terrorists, therefore they can be kept until we no longer face a threat from Islamic terrorism. Sucks for them, but they should have worn a uniform or something, instead of adopting a belligerent style that involves blending into the civilian sector, suicide bombing, targeting innocent American civilians, etc.
Surprising to see Rachel Maddow actually get something right.

Now if only she could get some control over her severe "scissoring" habit.......
Mr. Eoin,

And it doesn't strike you at all dangerous that the government gets to decide who these stateless combatants are? Will you have second thoughts if and when there is another McVeigh and they start locking up WASPs until the threat from domestic militias passes (in the year 2067)?
I actually think this was a very clever maneuver by Obama. He gets to claim that he closed Guantanamo, but for the prisoners incarcerated there, there is no difference- a cage is a cage.

He will move them to the US, and will let the courts take the criticism for releasing them.
As a general rule, lefties are more perceptive on issues like these than right wingers are. As almost always, their heart is in the right place, but they are not very consistent.
Garrai, it is with individuals like you that dictatorships are built and concentration camps guarded. If you truly believe what you say - and I see no reason to assume otherwise - you are outside the realm of any common human decency. I hope that in the future you will for some reason run afoul with the state and find yourself in exactly the same position as those people you wish to keep imprisoned for decades without evidence of guilt.
He's like the worst parts of Lincoln and FDR combined. No good can come from this - none. I, for one, do not support our new Obama overlord.
Justin Raimondo has nailed it again. It was Cheney who won the election.
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