Saturday, May 23, 2009


Glenn Beck Whiffs

Folks, I really do like Glenn Beck, especially when he and Stu (sp?) get into an argument over something absurd and spend 20 minutes analyzing it from 18 vantage points. ("In fairness to General Zod, Glenn, Jor El did condemn him to the Phantom Zone, when Krypton wasn't that far from extinction. That was just unnecessary cruelty. So I think we need to think about that, when we discuss waterboarding.")

But anyway Beck was talking about the growing danger of the Fed, and how the people need to make it accountable. He said something like, "I mean, we don't even know what's on its books. All these Treasurys they've been buying from the government? For all we know, we could force them to open their drawers, and find nothing but a bunch of IOUs."

Swing and a miss.

Whoops! Reminds me of what some of the sillier conservatives used to say about social security. (Allowing Al Gore to counter that, if elected, he would put those IOUs in a lock-box for safe keeping!)

Comedy gold. Hahahah

"So close, yet... so far"
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