Thursday, February 4, 2010


Arnold Kling Makes Me Chuckle

In a quite reasonable post, he offers this judgment which struck me as ironic:
3. Does the state have necessary functions?

I believe that it does, but I am not sure. I am strongly inclined to believe that unless we agree to have an ultimate arbiter of disputes, the equilibrium is what North, Weingast, and Wallis call "the natural state," in which a coalition of violent gangs extorts from the general public and shares the loot.
In case you don't see the irony, try this.

I'm not sure which is more frustrating and disheartening about that NYT editorial; the article itself or the laughable commentary that follows it.
Thanks, Bob - I needed the chuckle. Too funny indeed.
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Doesn't the existence of a State (which is pretty much what he describes) add credibility to his view that such is the 'natural equilibrium'? Not that I think a State is 'necessary', but perhaps it is inevitable.
I fail to see the irony. The state is not just stealing and sharing the loot.
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