Friday, December 4, 2009


Yet Another Murphy Sermon

In the comments at Mario Rizzo's guest blog on "Peace," I wrote:

Thank you for the courageous post. Some might think that is an odd term to use, but it takes courage to say what 95% know is the right thing yet could be construed as "wimpy."

I think what all of us--and I myself played a part in the recent unpleasantness--need to remember is it's not simply a matter of personally refraining from using profanity. There is also the matter of provoking a heated debate that then leads other people to "go too far."

So I challenge all of us (who agree with Mario) to not merely ask before firing off an email or especially a blog post, "Am I being a jerk here?" but to up the ante and ask, "Will my email lead to a response, which will lead to a response, which will then provoke someone else to be a jerk and start another battle?"

Great post by Rizzo, I completely agree. Of course, it would have to be somebody from the GMU crowd saying it..
That was a joke by the way...
What's most disappointing about this whole episode is that the Cato Institute video establishes that Bob Wenzel is, in fact, a separate person from Bob Murphy. How boring reality turns out to be.
Brian Shelley,

I could have hired someone.
@ Brian Shelley

I think that was Murphy in a wig. If you look at "Wenzel's" twitter post they were supposedly both in Washington DC high fiving their victory over Cato. How likely is that? The exact same week?

In fact, I don't think there is a Robert Murphy or Robert Wenzel, I think it's really a woman, "Wenzel-Murphy". See for yourself
Not being an academic I find much of this dust-up to be silly. I have read many of the responses at and am reminded of that great scene in The Music Man:

Less sermonizing and more doing. This may seem inappropriate advice to a group of "thinkers" but I believe the body feeds the mind and the mind informs the body. Focusing on just one part of this cycle results in half a life.

Unfortunately, I've met Murphy in person so that would be really tough to pull off. So, your theory has a few holes.

That could be Bob's wife. Bob has a toddler. Mrs. Wenzel Murphy has a toddler.


You're way off. The guy making the comment wasn't even Bob Wenzel. It was just some ranting drunk off the street. As you were shifting between personalities you absorbed that homeless guy's comment as your own (that is, as Wenzel).

This totally makes sense now.
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