Monday, December 14, 2009


An Unfair Coincidence

Do you think Jesus' relatives would double-up and give him one present for both Christmas and his birthday?

The Blackadder Says:

Anyone who gets gold for his birthday (yes, and incense, but also gold) probably has no reason to complain.
Yes, because his birthday was actually in the springtime (to be exact, April 6th, according to LDS theology), whereas Christmas is in December.
No, they would get him only one present for his birthday, just a few days after they finish lighting the Menorah.

Am I missing something here?
Having a brother whose birthday is the 24th and mine on the 26th, the answer is yes and no. Dear mother nad father won't go cheap on you, but the rest will.
My son has a birthday on the 29th of December, and we don't cheap out. Neither do my folks. However I can't speak to others.

Mike in Alaska -- where? I'm near Kenai.
Mike in Alaska -- time for a Mises Circle AK, I say.
Jim, Know any rich guys who can underwrite it? Having it at Alyeska in Girdwood would be way cool.
Mike @AK -- sorry, not at this time. Just shot my donut and cookie money moving here from Texas. Need to get contact info, though, so that like-minded people in the same area can be in touch.
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