Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Tom Palmer, Tyler Cowen, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Eazy-E

No, I'm not angling for Google hits. This EPJ post really does involve all of the above. What's the connection with Eazy-E? Simple. When I read Wenzel's post I thought of a song that I discarded when I realized I didn't want my young son ever stumbling on my CDs from college.

With all due respect, I don't think that the youtube "performance" counts as a "song".

Shouldn't a song have at least one musical note and perhaps a chord, or maybe two?
BTW I should clarify that I was thinking of "It's On," not the opening lines about...well, you know if you clicked the link.

Also I should acknowledge that plenty of people associated with LRC go out of their way to launch attacks at Cato. So at this point it's hard to say "who started it."

I can't recall someone at a Mises event starting off right away distinguishing our approach from the approach of [insert Beltway names], but maybe someone has done so.

Anyway what made me mad at Tyler was him going out of his way to do it in such a public forum. I understand people disagree about tactics etc., but gee whiz we are obviously getting the message out to young people etc. through our methods, and the guys at Cato and GMU are spreading the message through polite academic discourse etc.
"Cowen did tell me his next book is on the decidedly non-Machiavellian topic: The Economics of Food. He tells me that the book will explain how to find good eating places around the world."

Classic Cowen; he will take a firm stand on motherhood, apple pie and good food, but not on anything economic or related to climate change. I don't understand why his blog is considered an econ blog when he rarely has anything related to econ on it.

It's very clear that Cowen does not understand the ABCT at all. On one of his rare posts on economics, he named a paper that he considered the best macro paper written in 20 years, so I had to look it up and read it. When I finished, I realized all the guy had done was mathmatize Hayek's Ricardo Effect. There wasn't anything new or original in it, and Cowen places so much importance on originality.

I would like to know what Cowen has done that he thinks is original. Does anyone have an idea? I honestly would like to read something that Cowen wrote that is original in any way. Of course, he can fool himself into thinking he is original if he doesn't read anything older than 20 years.
Eazy-E, Jay-Z, whatever.
I've not been impressed by Cowen. He's probably one of the most over-rated writers around.

How exactly are Ron Paul/Rockwell libertarians like right-wingers? They want true free trade and truly free association. How is that like the militaristic Bush legacy?

ABCT is religion? Is there a better explanation? Besides that people are bad and we need central planning, they've come up with little. If it is religion, why does it predict so well?
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