Monday, December 14, 2009


Murphy to Be Interviewed By Judge Napolitano

This Wednesday at about 1:30pm EST I'm doing a phone interview with Judge Napolitano on my recent article about the fate of the USD. (I am leaving right after for a business road trip so that's why I'm phoning it in, as they say.) I don't know if it will be live; I don't have a TV so I have no idea when his show is actually on FOX.

UPDATE: Tom Woods reminds me that Judge Napolitano's show is broadcast on the Internet. I was thinking of seeing him host Glenn Beck's show and got confused.

I believe the show is called Freedom Watch and it only appears on the internet. Sometimes he fills in for Glenn Beck when he's on vacation though.
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steve, Freedom Watch is indeed the name of the show. It can be podcasted at I didn't realize that it was an internet-only show....I guess that's what I get for watching almost no TV.
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