Thursday, December 3, 2009


Cute Tiger Cub

This has nothing to do with economics or libertarianism. I just wanted something else at the top of my blog.

Thank you.

This is a welcome change as the previous top post was not as pleasant. :)

I agree. This baby tiger is obviously too radical for Tyler Cowen.
Looks like you took my comment about the "catty" libertarians below to heart!
(oh ho ho ho ho, I crack myself up)
Real libertarians prefer Lions
Left a bad taste in your mouth too, eh?
Is this the same Tiger that has been making unfortunate "transgressions" lately???
yeah, er, um...nice technique.
See Tyler Cowen's fascinating post on tigers here:
Prof. Murphy:

It appears that your blog has become infected with the "Yglesias-style juvenile commenter virus".
Is this an allagory for the asian and celtic tigers?
Rizzo calls for Peace.

Link here
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