Friday, December 4, 2009


Cringeworthy: Barbara Boxer Tries to Bully Black Chamber of Commerce

At lunch today one of my IER coworkers alluded to the fiasco when the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce (Harry Alford) stood up to Barbara Boxer. I didn't know what he was talking about and he gleefully promised to send me the YouTube. The BCC had sponsored a study showing that the Waxman-Markey climate bill would be bad for small businesses, and so naturally Boxer wanted to discredit his testimony.

Man it is brutal. I had to stop it at 2:53. If you listen carefully, Boxer is wrong on everything from the moment this video begins, starting with her saying (paraphrase), "...he went a minute 30 over so I'm going to add that to my time," and someone corrects her and says it was a minute 13.

This was classic. I love how Alford kept calling Boxer "ma'am", as it was not too long after she had chastised some military guy for calling her ma'am.
Wow. What the eff is going on here.
The Blackadder Says:

Come on. The guy is there representing the *Black* Chamber of Commerce, and he's shocked, shocked that someone would bring up the views of other black groups?
I agree with Blackadder. This may be "cringeworthy" but its business as usual for the political class. Racial politics, gender politics, age politics, environmental politics, religious politics...everybody has a POV to shout about but nobody has an idea to discuss.
I think what makes it cringeworthy is not just that race is being brought into politics but the way the bias was being framed in this particular exchange. I remember seeing it when it actually happened and wondering how Democrats (presumably racially sensative people for the most part) were getting away with this line of questioning and kind of getting a pass. It seems like the reasoning was, "All these other black groups agree with us and you're black so I don't understand how you can disagree with us." That's a pretty disparate view no matter how you look at it but it's not something I excpect, at least so blatently, from that side of the aisle. But maybe I'm giving them too much credit lol.

That wasn't even what made me cringe though. I had to stop it when she was saying, "He would be prooooud that I was quoting his words here. You should be prooooud to be here testifying."

I have rarely encountered kindergarten teachers who are that patronizing.

I totally agree. That particular moment was pretty cringe-worthy too. In fact, it would probably be more efficient to point out the non-cringe-worthy moments. Because I was wincing through pretty much all of the video and I'd seen it before! Thanks for the oppurtunity to enjoy (endure?) it again though. Good link.
I heard JJ from good times donates money to various global warming initiatives. Why didn't Boxer bring that up?
Blackadder. the fact that he's from the Black Chamber of Commerce had nothing to do with the subject. The point was the BCC had a study saying that cap-and-trade would hurt small business owners--nothing about blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, or any other group.

Here was Boxer, though, essentially saying, "Look! All these other black groups love cap-and-trade, that means you should too! Also other black people would be so proud to be cited at a congressional hearing, and you should be proud too! Also, don't call me racist because I'm married to a veteran!"
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