Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Liberal Democrats Should Treat Others the Way They Want to Be Treated

This is really getting ridiculous. On NPR Juan Williams explained that there was something really disturbing going on with Saturday's march on DC. It wasn't merely that these people opposed Obama's policies, but--gasp!--they challenged his very legitimacy as president. (!!) And Joe Wilson actually called the president a liar to his face. (!!)

Williams explained that this was unprecedented in American politics, and was due to the fact that many Americans can't stand the idea of having a black president.

I am not denying that plenty of Glenn Beck fans could be plausibly classified as racists, nor am I even denying that a lot of these protesters wouldn't be so worked up if Biden were president. (If Hillary were, they would be too--but because they couldn't stand a woman being president.)

But give me a BREAK, Juan. You're saying you don't remember any Democratic activists saying that George W. Bush wasn't the legitimate president? They all conceded that he won the election fair and square, and just had a respectful disagreement with his policies?

And no Democratic official at the federal level ever called Bush a liar?

UPDATE: One more thing: The money people who are really running the show here, just love what is happening. After all the shenanigans being pulled against Obama, can you imagine how hardcore and ruthless the ACORN folks are going to be when a Republican is next in office? The two parties are going to keep one-upping each other. For those who think Republicans are the lesser of two evils, remember back when you thought Bill Clinton was the worst president conceivable? Well do you still feel that way? And for those who hold their noses and pull the lever for Democrats: Remember how bad you thought George W. Bush was? Just wait till you see the next Republican who's elected after ten years of Obama and six years of Biden. (And no that wasn't a typo.)

Are you predicting a third term for Obama?
Are you predicting a face lift for Biden?
I voted for Obama, partly because he is black and it would be a historical event if he won, and partly because I feared McCain more than Obama. I think McCain was just as socialist as Obama, but if McCain were president, Republicans would support his socialism. I figured Obama would enrage rather than pacify the right. And so far I have been right.

Also, I figured Obama would scare the muddled middle enough to cause them to return Congress to Republican control in 2010. By election time, people will be sick of high unemployment, high inflation, the war in Afghanistan, the debt and deficits, health care, etc.

I'm neither Republican or Democrat. Democrats are socialists and Republicans are socialist-lite. I prefer gridlock and will vote to achieve gridlock whenever possible.
I agree with fundamentalist. McCain would have been worse, and when his socialist policies fail, the public, the media, and the politicians would have blamed the "free markets"

I'm confused. What did your opinions of McCain versus Obama have to do with your decision to vote?
Roger, I sympathize with yout reasoning, but couldn`t bring myself to vote for Obama.

Bob, are you also suggesting an assassination of Obama? Whyever do you view this as something worth speculating on?
Quote from fundamentalist: "I voted for Obama, partly because he is black ..."

Then you are a racist.
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