Wednesday, June 10, 2009


NDPC Free Market Forum Video Now Up

The video for three of the talks at the North Dakota Policy Council's "Free Market Forum" is now posted. On the right side of the viewer, you can choose which talk to watch. Tom Woods is first, then me, then Michael LaFaive (from the Mackinac Center). At least on my laptop, when I click on a talk I have to wait about a minute for the spinning thingie to stop, so don't give up hope.

I tell a pretty good Tom Woods anecdote in the beginning of my talk, if that gives you any motivation. Here's a group photo:

Yeah, the videos do take a while to load (spinning thing is there for 2-3 minutes), but have faith people, it does work eventually.
I would say that Tom and Bob's speeches are a must watch for any serious Austrian. They were both fantastic.
I will definitely have to watch these. I am actually from North Dakota.
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