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I am really cheating on this one; my Firefox browser is filling up with tabs, so I'm putting things in this blog post to which "I shall return!"

* Jim Manzi gives a quick and dirty estimate of the costs and benefits of Waxman-Markey. Note that I literally haven't even skimmed this yet, but in the past Manzi's description of the climate models was the most useful I had found (word for word).

* The Center for American Progress criticizes the Spanish study on "green jobs." There is some snark in here, but this is actually a decent critique. Don't get me wrong, I still agree with Calzada and disagree with CAP, but the CAP writers raise legitimate points. I plan on writing a response within the next week.

* A list of Christian libertarian blogs. I haven't checked any of these out, but I know some of you have expressed shock and awe at this blog, so here ya go.


This is a pretty useful site/service. It's easy to save links for reading later.
Bob, thanks for linking to my Comprehensive List of Christian libertarian blogs. There are some pretty good ones there, it is worth perusing. It is also a "living document", suggestions are welcome, and I will update it regularly.
Bob, my own view is that the Waxan-Markey bill is a lemon, loaded up with way too much pork and bureaucracy.

But Manzi and Knappenberger both have their thumb on the scale in measuring benefits, by presuming that, in this obvious multi-decadal prisoners` dilemma game, the strategy of the US and other developed nations is to play patsy and let developing nations free-ride for the rest of the century. Our refusal to even present Kyoto to the Senate for approval and our behavior over the past decade put the lie to that.

I think the other comments on Manzi`s post do a pretty good job of pointing out other problems with his analysis, which is nevertheless useful. 
When it comes to incongruous thinking, I take Libertarian Christians of Atheistic Socialists any give day. At least the former will likely leave me in peace.
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