Monday, May 18, 2009


Book Signing!

Some photos from last week's book signing in Nashville. Credits go to Ned the babysitter:

Huge book or tiny author?

"This guy makes a lot of sense."

Taken from the Henry Cam.

Do you ever have people come to the signings to antagonize you? Or do people who just happen to be in the store make rude comments?

No, that's never happened. Only on this blog.

When's your next book signing?

No reason, just asking ;-)

In any case, I probably wouldn't heckle your book signings unless it was for "The Politically Incorrect (tm) Guide to Environmental Economics".

Yikes, now I've given him an idea...
Silas, I actually tried last year to get a book contract on these issues. I thought I had a good hook but the agents I talked to said "Don't call us, we'll call you."

That's partly why I really hope you and TT are wrong about my motives--I did a pretty bad job selling out if you're right.
Well, Bob, I hope that if you plan to write such a book, you "re-open for comments" on the issue. On your "free market response to global warming" paper, I found lots wrong with even your basic economics, and you closed for comments before I was able to give more detail.

To give you an example of what I mean: you talk about insurers paying businesses to switch to more efficient technologies, while ignoring:

a) Jevons effects -- with a general-use resource like energy, efficiency most likely increases total consumption

b) that the other 99.99999999% of businesses you didn't buy out can start using the bad technology

c) this requires the insurers to perform economic calculation (which results in a "wasteful" judgment) on some resource for which there is no market price.

Note that these issues lie purely within economics -- the topic where you should be least erroneous or controversial -- and not withing the messier issues of the political process or conflicting moral claims.
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